Ufology reading guide – Top 5 UFO books to read

Are you currently sitting on the fence when it comes to UFO’s and Alien Disclosure, or just interested in getting into Ufology as a whole. Then your in the right place!

As a multiple UFO Witness, UK MUFON Field Investigator and been studying the subject since I was 8 years I have compiled the ideal reading guide for you to check out.

There’s a lot of rubbish UFO books out there and trust me I have read my fair share, so here’s a list of the best of the best in order of recommended reading. All books listed are also available on audible.com if you prefer to listen.

1 – Presidents and UFO’s

A great book to introduce you to the world of Ufology and give you a good undertanding of the reason the topic us currently considered “silly” by main stream sheeple. Filled with facts and backed up with evidence but at the same an interesting read that you won’t want to put down.

2 – Witness to Roswell

The event that really started it all, gain a better insight into what really happened at Roswell. Including interviews with multiple witnesses and a great overview of how UFO’s were changed in the perception of the government and the public since the event

3 – After Disclosure

This is a great insight into theorising what will happen once disclosure actually comes out as well as delving into the reasons that we are kept in the dark.

4 – Erich Von Daniken – Chariot of the Gods

The legend that started the whole concept of Ancient Astronauts. Erich looks at ancient writings and provides a compelling case on how our ancestors have know about UFOs for a very long time. The ancient Hindu texts still followed today even describe them in detail and how the ‘Gods’ flew around in their crafts.

If number the above sparked your interest in the historical subject then I would recommend all of his additional books listed below :

5 – Bloodline of the Gods

An interesting concept based around the theory that we are all descendent of ancient aliens being the missing link in human evolution. If your blood type is negative, you will definitely want to read this one.

A couple of bonus fiction recommendations

1 – Chasing Shadows : Sekret Machines

A project put together by prominent UFOlogist and ex Blink182 band member Tom Delonge. Tom has put a lot of effort in using is celebrity status to bring UFOlogy and disclosure to the mainstream. In this book Tom works with the author A.J Hartley to provide a fiction book based around well known facts and government cover ups which have been leaked from military personal over the years. This is all pulled together in a number of different fiction stories which all intertwine as the book progresses.

2 – Not Alone

An interesting book based loosely around the well known cases of Nazi UFO’s in the Artic, presenting a compelling story of one guy who releases the evidence online eventually leading through to full disclosure. It’s a good page turner that will keep you hooked.


More reasons the big ‘Alien’ announcement is coming very soon!

Here I go again sounding like the nutjob in the basement with his tinfoil hat. But hopefully one day we may all look back at this blog and I can say ‘told you so’. Either that or ‘he really was a loon’.

Since my blog post in 2014 ‘8 reasons the government will soon announce alien contact’ where I discussed how we are being eased in slowly to the idea of Alien life (like the Chinese proverb of boiling a lobster in the pot) it now seems my theory is picking up traction as predicted, and the goverment are helping it snowball along the way.

The amount of UFO sightings, suspicious cut NASA live feeds, hobby astronomer UFO images etc has increased tenfold since my original article.

But more importantly… for a long long time NASA has not stopped the press to make big announcements, until recently that is. In September 2015 they did just that, announcing evidence of water on Mars. Now today they’ve turned up the boiling tempo even more as NASA announce 1,284 new exo planets discovered that could hold lifeDoubling the previous amount known!

However I get the incling that the pace of announcements has picked up considerably compared to its previous gradual drip feed. Rather than staged announcements to ease us in, it seems like they are now being carefully rushed out. Whether this may be due to immanent global disaster as Graham Hancocks book ‘Magicians of the Gods‘ suggests strong evidence towards (yes logical and archaeological based evidence, not tin foil hat evidence) who knows. 

Either way it seems we have picked up pace towards the inevitable finalé! I estimate we will now be fully boiled for the big announcement by 2023, only time will tell.

Captain nutzorg ‘told ya so’ signing out.

The Internet revolution & future of humanity

It’s frustrating that having an intellectual opinion on war puts you in the metaphoric gunfire of the public sheep majority who still unwittingly support these so called hero’s.

Here we are in a world where resources are unlimited yet there is poverty and deprivation caused by a society based around money. Money; a concept if lead back to its source is a fictional entity which can be invented as and when the ‘economy’ requires it. Where trillions can be funded to get banks out of debt but the people in society still have to live with their own debt (promoted by the same banks). At the same time we have to raise money for the starving by dropping a coin from our own pocket into a charity box! Yet this is fine.. because everyone goes about their daily business surrounded by distractions, because this is life, it’s just the way it is.


But the internet has the power to change this deluded bubble we are stuck in. Slowly yet surely, and it has already begun. Knowledge and open communication is finally in the hands of us, the people. Exposing the corrupt governments, incorrect history lessons and giving everyone their own voice.

It won’t be a quick fix revolution, as those at the top have probably already predicted this forthcoming, it will be messy but eventually truth will prevail. After the mess and false promises from the goverments attempt at providing their own form of retribution, eventually good people will combine to create a better world. Eventually.

Currently our army’s are well funded but consist of the bottom 10% of our high school classes, the products of a lack of affection and education. The new world army will be ran by volunteers for an army of good, to rebuild.

EVERYONE is born with their own interest and skill sets, there are those that hate maths but love art and then those that are complete opposites, there is a person for everything, some love cleaning, some love healing others, some love farming… everything! So everyone can get to do what they enjoy and find their job role in the new world.

At this point society will be much like that discussed in the Venus project (http://youtu.be/KphWsnhZ4Ag) and I believe with the addition of different social sectors who have their own interests and rules, all of which can be left to their own devices as long as it is not detrimental to another social sector.

It sounds so simple, so simple it could easily be mistaken for being stupid or even impossible. But when you dig deep into the truth, the real truth behind the world then this is possible, even today and has been since the beginning of time. All we need now is our mindsets and the zeitgeist to alter accordingly. But this does take time. Ghandi said ‘be the change you wish to see in the world’ and I wish I could, but in this case it requires global compliance and a shift in world wide mentality. So until then I will have to go about life as normal, working to buy produce and to give to charity.

One day the world will look back at us as we do upon those in the dark ages. Our revolution will be thanks to the internet. We are here amidst the start of the new beginning, we are it’s catalysts.

Gopro Hero3 Dog Mount Harness

After looking everywhere for a decent dog mount harness.. I failed to find one! So decided to make one myself. It may not look amazing but it’s stable and a lot comfier, more practical and gets better shots than the few I did find for sale when scouring the web.

You will need

– the original plastic base plate that your hero was fitted to the top of it’s box with
– 1 dog harness
– 1 old plastic buckle collar
– 1 or 2 sponges
– a dog coat
– super glue
– a gopro and a dog

What to do

1) Cut slots big enough for your old collar to fit through in either side of the plastic base plate


2) Cut the collar in half and fix to either side of the base plate by looping through and using super glue


Remove the original plastic buckle clips from the harness and loop through the other end of the collars (now fixed to either side of your base plate) to the harness. So one side can clip on and off using the collars buckle clip


– Use strong tape to secure the base plate to the sponge (or 2 if needed) for stability and comfort


Then your done! Put the new harness on first then use a coat with a slit in the back to go over the top and make sure that everything is secured in place.

55 66

Now you get a camera view just behind your dogs head to show everything they are looking at with a much better view than the hanging collar cameras that show the floor most of the time!

The result..

8 reasons the Government will soon anounce Alien contact

Sounds like a crazy conspiracy theorist whacko nut job blog headline!

But at the moment more and more factors appear to be easing us in on the idea. It can’t be denied that if the government instantly dropped a bombshell that aliens existed… there would be an uproar of epic proportions! The weak minded can barely cope with different races and religions from our own planet! So it would make perfect sense to slowly ease us into the idea slowly.

An ancient proverb says.. ‘if you drop a lobster in boiling water it will scramble and kick and try to get out, but if put a lobster in cold water and boil him in it, he will sit there and happily boil to death

So in the attempt of not coming across as a whacko (the category most researchers in this field tend to fall into) I have outlined 7 simple facts to ponder.

1. Starting with the basics. UFO sightings (of modern times) only started following the second world war, once we had started testing atomic weapons leading to the technology that would be required to get into space. Since then a number of stories, cover ups and all manor of sightings have happened! Whether real, fake, or government tests.. there’s a lot leading up to present day!

2. In the 80’s we had a flurry of films about friendly aliens, E.T, Mac&Me, flight of the navigator, Close Encounters etc. Which then lead into the 90’s-2000’s with series of parallel films about Aliens attacking.. Independence Day, The Fourth Kind etc. Now both areas have been outlined in our minds. A popular psychology technique leaving us to make our own decision of the more likely outcome.

3. Within the past ten years occasional sightings have been drip fed out from more and more trusted sources, from RAF pilots, BBC News and even multiple UFO sightings on youtube that cannot be explained by experts.

4. In the mid 2000’s kids in nurseries started singing songs about the space man coming down, with books like the friendly space man, and astrology was introduced more into the core syllabus.

5. In June 2013 the UK Government casually released it’s MOD UFO Archives to the general public, outlining all reports of UFO sightings in Britain by government officials.

6. The Mexican government then released details on artefacts they have held for some time. Regarding engravings from the first civilisation which show stories of aliens coming to earth [see video below]

7. In late 2013 / early 2014 the scientific news has been littered with announcements of newly found exoplanets, and new telescopes developed to find exoplanets (Exoplanet Definition : planets like earth that could successfully harbour life)

8. In January 2014 the Daily Mail released details of a strange craft discovered on the moon, click here for the full story This object can be found on google moon at coordinates 22042’38.46N and 142034’44.52E.

Are we being boiled in the pot..

Web Design Staffordshire

As some of you may know I am Managing Director of inLIFE Design, providing Web Design and Digital Marketing Solutions from our Staffordshire based office in Burntwood.

inLIFE Design was founded in 2009 by myself, previously I worked as in house web designer for a number of firms including Phones 4 u, Staffordshire University and VIBE audio. I loved my job at VIBE which involved creating the website from the ground up, including a facebook page which when we created it had 1 like and now has over 10,000. They were a great team of people and we got to visit all the car shows throughout the year and also have great works night out with the guys from MaxPower (now not existant) and FastCat magazine. Although as much as I enjoyed the job, it was always my long term ambition to form a Digital Marketing Agency that could provide the knowledge and skills of an in house as web designer to businesses at an affordable price. After leaving full time at VIBE we now still continue to design and develop for VIBE audio’s web presence today through inLIFE Design.

inLIFE Design first started off in a small attic office hired from a friend who had a shop front IT firm called TechCare. We soon expanded taking on a larger office downstairs and then when TechCare moved to larger premises we took on the building. This not only gave us more space for expansion but also gave us something no other web design or digital marketing agency in Staffordshire has.. a shop front!

We didn’t really need a shop front presence  being business to business based and originally took it on for the space and as a great advertising location. As the inLIFE web design office is based at Swan Island in Burntwood, Staffordshire,  a popular driving route from Lichfield to Cannock. We then found however that a number of local business were coming in through the door for web design and marketing solutions.

We hear from customers often that they can’t get hold of their web guy or that they have no idea where their website is hosted… the list goes on and on. The one thing we now find a web design shop front office gives inLIFE is a trust worthy and reliable presence, something distinctly lacking in web design companies in Staffordshire. Customers are confident they can come in and talk to us for good honest advise whenever they need it. If and when we move to larger premis in the future I am determined to keep this premiss, making our office an open and accessible place where customers can always visit.

From the start of the business I was joined by Chris Smith as full time web design & developer. At the time Chris had just come out of college struggling to find a job but is now a key part of the business and the plans I have for it’s future. We also have 2 part time additional employees and taking on another intern shortly.

So if you are looking for web design in staffordshire take a look at our website, give us a call or just pop in the office for a chat! We are always happy to help local business even if it’s just free advise as to the next best step to take with your online marketing. We also provide a free website review and SEO audit if you already have a website that you think isn’t performing as well as it should be. If your serious about your business and a quality online presence then we would love to hear from you

Staffordshire is by no means our limit thought, we have provided web design and marketing solutions for companies all over the UK and abroad from Scotland, Manchester and London to as far afield as the Algarve, Canada and California. We have worked on projects for councils, schools, channel 4 TV shows an blue chip companies, as well as local florists and air dressers. We provide the same level of quality and affordable services whether our client be big or small.

We’d love to have a chat with you today about what the web can do for your business. www.inlifedesign.co.uk

The first web Revolution

They say when your in the middle of an event, you don’t realise what a key part it will play in the future. I’m guessing when my Grandad was in the Navy in world war II they bared no thought about how in years to come kids would be learning about it in history.

Although not on the same scale as world war II, but just as world changing, I believe we are in the middle of one of these times. The internet has had its first technological revolution, with facebook twitter and youtube playing an integral part in freeing Egypt from the corrupt reign of Mubarak. I remember speaking to a taxi driver in Egypt only a few months before everything kicked off, he was telling me all about the countries corruption and how he did not know what would be happening in the next election. Little did I think then that the very entity I work on, spend every day on, and pays my wages.. the internet, would be the very thing to help free them a few months later.

From my previous blogs such as ‘rise of the honest open internet‘ it’s clear I have high hopes for the way the net will change humanity, and its still young. Yet I feel we are slap bang in the middle of the of the first step to change .

Following the events in Egypt one couple even named their daughter ‘Facebook’. Now Libya have risen up with the same power of the people through the use of the internet, currently in the midst of a similar protest against their corrupt leader Gaddafi.

Gaddaffi has even made his own poor attempt at convincing the public by faking films of supporters cheering for him and claiming those against him have been forced drugs and alcohol. Through TV media this may have worked but with the power of social media and a public voice this is has just made him look even more stupid.

This is a great time to be in, and I have a feeling the Internet still has a few tricks up it’s sleeve for the future of the human race.

History of the UK’s first Modified Car club.. and me

Before Facebook. Before Youtube. Before any other online modified car club. There was Streetrace.co.uk

11 years ago I was playing around with web development for just a bit of fun.. (now a full time job) something for us to show the world what we were doing to our cars and the laugh we were having along the way.

Back in 1999 the internet was only a luxury for less than half the UK population, we were using dial up modems to access it on Pentium computers with 32gig of memory. My phone was a Phillips Savvy.. a tiny screen with polyphonic ringtones and a sticky out areal, and if you turned the phone off when sending a text or directly after a call you could get free credit! Technology was being born.

Websites were all pixelated, framed table based static nasty looking sites, most of which hosted free on sites like geocities. When submitting a URL to yahoo you had to choose what category your site fell in and they had a manual team of people who would approve the URL.

I made a random website called chinknet after my nickname..  this then was later changed into bluefiesta.com named after my first car, a blue fiesta that I worked the entire 6 weeks of my college holidays just to buy a front bumper for (still used by mc rally in their advertising for the bumper today)

In 2001 bluefiesta.com was hosting images of me and a local bunch of mates messing around in our cars, images from car shows we were going to as well as just general info about how we were modifying them. The site had a guestbook that was quickly getting filled up, with more and more taking to this new ‘internet’ it was one of the only places for local cruising information around.

The site was then expanded through my then partner in web crime ‘Wez’ who started the site blackescort.com about his car the black escort (I think the site now has another meaning) we linked the 2 sites and were getting a large number of hits locally from people just checking out what we were doing, and looking for images of their cars from cruises.

We then got planning to expand the sites into a single entity for all modified car enthusiasts, cruisers and modifiers alike to come to one place. We sat down to work out the areas of the site such as general chat, performance, ice, newbie’s (a structure which was then copied by car clubs that came after us.. and then by those that came after them.. and is still apparent across a large number of forums today)

As part of my University course I then transformed the website into Streetrace.co.uk. A brand name chosen not to be about racing on the streets, more just as a brand name (back then cruise-myarea.co.uk wasn’t even thought of yet) . To start with we used a free Yabb forum software which was buggy, as forum software was a relatively new thing still. We input the structure we had planned into the forum and it grew to over 300 members within months (back then before facebook and smartphones.. this was a lot!) We then decided to sell sponsorship advertising on the site and used the money along with our own to buy a better less buggy forum software, the best available. The site was re-skinned and custom developed to form the base of Streetrace.co.uk as it is known today.

After that in 2003 facebook and myspace came into development, but were still not even heard of! So Streetrace.co.uk was the only place for the UK to come and read about everything car modified related, including show images from all the old shows like Weston wheels, modifying guides, games and more. The only other forums out at the time were all cruise based ones, and a number of which we became friendly with including the then 2 biggest Midlands Cruise sites Kroozmidz and cruisemidlands. More and more cruise based forums were popping up using free or cheap forum software. But non had the whole package like Streetrace including full show coverage, membership, cruises, meets and more. Non yet.

By late 2003 Maxpower had made us their best car club and we were invited to Max Live and their after party hosting the likes of Jordan and ‘Jamie Shaw’ (before he was made z-list famous by UK Pimp my Ride).

A couple of years on the site was ever expanding with new galleries, online garage, membership packs with keyrings, attending all shows. At this time more clubs similar to Streetrace were popping up, and amongst all this we were getting a large number of offers from people who wanted to become admin or owners! Some of which we turned down who then went on to create other well known car clubs today , and  then some even seen us as rivals (although it’s nice to know we inspired). As sole owner of the club I then decided to sit down and select 4 main admin who were best for the job, then sold shares so were we then all part owner of the club. This is a tradition that has continued until today with shares changing hands but never any more than 5 owners allowed. Leading up to todays current owners Tony, Wez, Stu and myself (although not now managed and ran by us)

We carried on hitting all the biggest and best car shows including hot import nights London with Tim westwood in 2005, we had countless magazine features, press coverage,  parties & even a music single.  We Teamed up with DJ Cutloose who became our music icon at shows.. again the first club to even have its own DJ! Along the way we unknowingly influenced a large number of other modified car clubs that sprang up with the same idea.. some spawning directly from members of Streetrace.. and even some spawning from those! Plus others popping up all around the UK in general. We went from being the only generic modified car club being at shows in 2002 (amongst vw clubs, mondeo clubs, seat clubs etc) to being one of thousands of generic modified car clubs and cruise sites by 2006.

Being the first however we were then the biggest, hitting a peak at USC Show 2007 & USC show 2008 in which we were given a concrete pitch, took the truck dance stage and DJ’s and told by the organised of we got any bigger we would need to pay for a trade area as we had more attention than the dance stage!

Not only was this a peak for Streetrace.co.uk, it was a peak for the Modified car Scene in general. After this the shows started to die down with less attendance. We celebrated our ten year anniversary in style hiring out a bar on broad street Birmingham with all staff arriving in a pimped out fire engine and attendance from max power and Fastcar.. the very people who were inviting us to their parties when it all began.

Over the time we also did a number of large scale evens like running yearly nurburgring trips, a meet at the ace cafe, as well as being the first club to team up with police in promoting safer driving by taking racing to the track instead of on the roads. As well as raising money for road safety charities in a joint effort with police that even made the papers. On top of a personal thank you from Inspector Matt Derrick “It has been a pleasure to work with you and thank you for your efforts in bringing the Police and Car Cruising fraternity closer together. I am confident that in years to come there are many people who will benefit greatly from our and particularly your work and effort in the relationship and hopefully many people who otherwise might not have been with us will never realise that you saved their lives. Strong stuff I know but those are the kind of consequences we are dealing with.”

A year on the modified car scene was still in a reluctant decline, the police started an all out campaign against modifiers. With a few idiots doing burnouts etc thus tarring the rest of us with the same brush…  as the scene grew the car enthusiast quickly became a public enemy. Also with the increase in clubs the magazines were continuously being brown nosed by certain clubs as this was the only way they could get noticed, to their own destruction. The rise of the internet set to be killing print media also brought down car magazines sales. Back in 1999 only available to a few the internet seamlessly overnight became part of everyday life accessible by the majority of the UK population with the increase in smart phones and home computing. Back then to see images of a show or cruise you had to buy the magazine (or look on streetrace.co.uk of course) now the images are on facebook and most forums before even getting home.

In Mid 2010 Streetrace.co.uk was awarded the most honorary of Max Powers awards.. ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Scene’. Shortly after this I personally left the scene due to my time being taken up by business, family and something a bit more global. With admin being passed hands to a great bunch of guys (previously Staff on there) who now continue to ruin the site as strong as ever.

Then in late 2010 due to a number of the aforementioned factors and ever decreasing sales MaxPower Magazine was unfortunately dropped by its publisher. The very magazine that influenced us in starting up back in the day. All a fitting end within months of Streetrace receiving its award and me leaving the scene.

The Club continues today now ran by an enthusiastic bunch of individuals with as much love for the scene as we all had back in 1999. The Club also continues to grow and outlive a number of other clubs that still come and go within the lifespan of Streetrace.